Fees & Policies

(as of 2019)

1. The studio opens fifteen minutes before class begins.
2. Children must be accompanied by an adult in the waiting area at all times. The studio is not responsible for unattended children.
3. Children must be picked up on the studio premises promptly as the class is dismissed. The studio is not responsible for children asked to walk to cars or off the studio premises.
4. A maximum of two make-up classes per child, per semester are allowed. Make-up classes are at the studio’s discretion and only if space permits. Make-up classes require an appointment.
5. No refunds. Classes must be taken within the semester. No credit issued towards future semester’s.
6. There is a $30.00 bounced check fee.
7. Children are not allowed to attend class when tuition is more than ten days past due.
8. Guests are not permitted. Observers are only allowed on designated observation days.
9. The studio is not responsible for lost Adult class cards. If the student does not bring his/her class card, the class must be paid for individually.


  1. Hello, I was interested in the space for the tum b Ling or dancing birthday party. It would be for 10/25 & wanted to view the space and check out the itinerary for such event…please advise when I can stop by and discuss further. Thank you.

    1. Hello! I have forwarded your message to the studio owner, Michele Compa and you should be hearing from her soon, her email address is michele@michelecompa.com if you would like to email her directly you are more than welcome to. Thank you for your interest! Hope to see you soon!

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