Spring Session:  Monday, Jan. 29th – Saturday, June 9th

If your interested in classes please fill out the Registration Form and the optional photo/video release form and return it to Michele Compa at the studio to register for classes. For your convenience, here is also a downloadable pdf copy of the Spring Schedule and Summer Schedule.  For pricing, please also take a look at our fees page (click here) as some pricing may have changed.  Also, make note of the holiday closings and important dates and mark your calendars!   If you have any questions, you can respond directly to this page, you can call the studio at (718)-549-9635, or email Michele at

Holiday Closings and Important Dates 2018

April 1st – 2nd Payment due
Easter/Passover Break – Friday, March 30th – Friday, April 6th
Costume Pick-Up – Sunday, May 20th
Memorial Day – Monday, May 28th
Recital – Sunday, June 10th
Independence Day – July 4th (Classes will be made up the week before on June 27)



  1. Hello there!

    To answer your question yes, there is a ballet class 10-10:45am on Saturday’s (ages 4-5). How old is your child? Hope this helps!

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to email Thank you!

  2. Hi,
    I’m looking for a tap class for my 8yo and my 4yo, neither have any dance experience (aside from a few ballet classes for the older one more than two years ago).
    Which class or classes would you recommend?
    We prefer weekends.

  3. Hi there’s class this coming Saturday, February 18th, 2017, correct? I’m just asking being its a 3 day weekend for many…Regards, Luis

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