Michele Compa Dance & Exercise Center offers dance and exercise classes to children and adults of all ages.  We offer classes in ballet, pre-ballet, creative movement, flamenco, fundamentals of dance, hip-hop, jazz, low impact aerobics, modern, pilates, salsa fitness, stretch and tone, tap, tumbling and gymnastics, yoga, and zumba.  Check out the rest of the website for fees, schedules, and please sign up now for classes for our next semester that starts in February!


  1. Hello, I’m interested in enrolling by 8 year old daughter
    In your contemporary dance class.
    Is there space still available?

  2. Hello! I am looking to rent a dance studio for an hour this Sunday (1/23) and I was wondering if any of your studio was available for rent on Sunday. I will be filming an audition and would need to wear tap shoes, if that alters which studio I could use. Thank you so much!

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