Online Summer Classes and Intensives

REGISTRATION NOW OPEN – for online summer dance classes!

Please take note this is a revised schedule as of June 4th; some class times have been changed from the originally posted schedule!

2020 Online Summer Schedule

Click here for Summer Fees and Payment Information

3:15pm-5:15pmDance IntensiveAges 8-11
5:30pm-6:30pmHip HopAges 6-8
5:30pm-7:15pmBallet IntensiveAges 12-Teen
4:00pm-5:00pmBallet IAges 6-8
5:15pm-6:15pmBallet IVAges 9-11
10:30am-11:15amFundamentals of DanceAges 3-5
4:00pm-4:45pmTumbling & GymAges 4-6
5:00pm-6:00pmTumbling & GymAges 7-10
5:30pm-6:30pmBeginner BalletAges 12-Teen
7:00pm-8:00pmBeginner BalletAdult
10:30am-11:30amStretch Tone (w/ weights)Adult
11:45am-12:45pmTap AdvancedAges 12-Teen
3:15pm-5:15pmDance IntensiveAges 8-11
5:30pm-7:15pmBallet IntensiveAges 12-Teen
5:30pm-6:30pmContemporary (Int./Adv.)Ages 12-Teen
3:45pm-4:30pmCreative Movement/Pre-BalletAges 3-4
4:45pm-5:30pmPre-BalletAges 4-5
6:30pm-7:30pmInt. BalletAdult
4:15pm-5:15pmBallet IIAges 7-9
4:15pm-5:15pmModern Int.Ages 11-14
5:30pm-7:15pmBallet IntensiveAges 12-Teen
5:30pm-6:30pmContemporary (Beg.)Ages 8-11
10:30am-11:30amStretch & Tone (w/ Dyna-bands)Adult
11:45am-12:45pmAdvanced TapAdult
4:00pm-5:00pmHip Hop (Adv.)Ages 12-Teen
5:15pm-6:15pmHip Hop (Int.)Ages 9-11
6:30pm-7:30pmHip Hop (Beg.)Teen/Adult
9:15am-10:00amCreative Movement/Pre-BalletAges 3-4
10:15am-11:00amPre-BalletAges 4-6
11:15am-12:00pmPre-BalletAges 6-8

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